Amber 190416 Final-17Hi there!

Before I start with my blog posts (I have many in the pipeline) I should probably tell you a bit about myself… My name is Amber O’Brien and I am a 23year old photographer from the North-West of England, Chorley to be exact. However I left the tiny town as soon as I could for a few years when I was 18 and went to Sheffield. There I went to Sheffield Hallam to study photography (and got my degree, yay!).

On a more personal level my main interests in life is generally just being around those who I really care about, enjoying the moment and loving life with my friends and family around me! One of the ways I like to do this is going out for meals and drinks… I am obsessed with food!! To a point where I can sometimes bore my friends far too much because being the photographer that I am I have to take about a million photographs of it before I can eventually start to dive in. My boyfriend on the other hand, being the keen chef that he is, thrives off my picture taking…that’s what tells him he has done a good job on the presentation front!

I have decided to start a blogging for several reasons, one being a few of my very good photographer and graphic design friends (one of which has designed my amazing website for me! Steff Berry, go and check her out) have been blogging for a couple of years now and they tell me how addictive it gets and how much they love it! So I thought to myself why not giAmber 190416 Final-11ve it a go, I must say already I am enjoying just writing for the fun of it and feeling free, rather than the painstaking pages and pages of rambling and word counts I am used to from uni. Secondly, as a photographer I have so many images of places or things I have photographed that I would love to share but haven’t necessarily been appropriate to put onto my website, so this is the perfect way to show other sides of myself and my work that I like to do!

In the last year or so, as cheesy as it sounds, I seem to have ‘found myself’, with my personal life on a positive, magical road, I now have an over whelming desire to travel and see the world, something which I intend on doing and blogging about within the next year or so because I just think it would be such a shame as a photographer to not be able to go and create some of the mesmerising images you see from around the world but to be able to take it all in with my own eyes. I recently went to Marrakech which seemed a world away from what I am used to so that is going to be my first travel blog in the next couple of weeks!

I have to say that the images of myself in this post where the first time I have ever had any professional photos taken, and it was quite scary! It’s all fun and games posing and pouting for a selfie on a Saturday night but to have a big camera shoved in your face and it’s a whole new ball game, I am definitely more comfortable on the other side of the lens!! So for that I must say thank you to Steff and Sophie (who just so happen to be my blogger friends) because they had to put up with my awkwardness and will only have to endure more once they attempt to take more new head shots for my website! Which if you would like to take a look at please feel free!

So for now I hope this has given you a little insight to myself and the nature of how my blog posts will run. I am a very chatty and bubbly person and I hope my blogs will reflect that so you can enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

Thanks for reading!