Ever stuck for something to do on a friday or saturday night, you know you want a girly night out but fancy something a bit different? Why not try out The Milton Club, where they host ‘Limitless’ evenings. I was invited down by one of my very good friends and fellow blogger, Sophie. I hadn’t been to The Milton Club before so all I knew is that we were in for an evening of canapés, cocktails and a good old girly chin wag.

I wasn’t quite sure what was in store for my evening ahead when I got off the train at Deansgate but only a few minutes down the road we were already at our destination! I was already secretly thinking ‘perfect, so close to the train station, which is ideal for the train home’, every girls dream when they are in heels! As soon as myself, Sophie and a couple of our other friends/bloggers walked through the grand hallway and were greeted by the super friendly hostesses, who I must say where very well dressed, I immediately felt ready to party the night away as they took our coats and gave us our ‘limitless’ bands. Granted the wrist bands went the greatest accessory to my outfit but I happily wore it as it was the gateway to my limitless experience.

Limitless‘ speaks for itself, once inside The Milton Club it delivers exactly that. You are free to choose virtually any drink you desire, whether it be a glass of fizz or a cheeky cocktail and of course you are free to have as much as you like! My favourite cocktail of the evening was a ‘bramble’, as a gin lover it was fresh and fruity with a blend of gin, blackberry syrup, chambord and lemon juice (I was watching closely as the barman expertly blended it together). I must also say how impressed I was that not once did I see a barman look at a menu for how to make something, how they remember the reels of cocktails I do not know!



Alcohol aside, lets not forget about the canapés. Light, tasty little treats, sweet and savoury, were beautifully displayed across the back bar with a member of staff always keeping them topped up, once again it was all limitless. Me being a lover of food I was very impressed at the quality and struggled to gain some self restraint to not keep going back for more!

Overall I think that Limitless is a fab way to start your evening in Manchester. With doors opening at 8 and the limitless food and drink served until 10 you could class this as the classiest pre drinking place you will ever go too! And as I mentioned the food is so light that you can line your stomach ready for the evening without having to feel bloated, as no lady wants to feel like that on a night out, guys you can just go hell for leather and get it down you! Once again it is in a great location in the heart of Deansgate so no need to trawl across town to continue your evening (you could even stay at The Milton Club and enjoy the Dj’s or live singers they have to offer). Finally I am yet to mention the atmosphere! There are spot lights and show piece lighting all around the room which creates a very cool and chic vibe, the full glass front doors give a sense grandeur and have a Great Gatsby feel and I honestly think this is the perfect to start an evening and it is definitely on the cards for me to bring my girls for the next big night out in Manchester.




You can have an amazing limitless experience for £20, I personally think it’s amazing value for money because you could spent that at home buying in food and alcohol for friends whereas here you are also getting the music and the buzz of the people around you to get you into the party mode! If all this wasn’t enough if you were a member of The Milton Club you get extra amenities such as car service and booths for the evening! If you would like to become a member click here and sign up!




Thank you so much The Milton Club for providing me and my fellow bloggers with an amazing first experience of your limitless nights and I will be sure to return!