2020 was a funny old year wasn’t it, we won’t go in to why as I’m sure we are all pretty much aware of how life changing it was, for some more than others. As a creative, I found myself going from working pretty much six days a week, running here, there and everywhere, juggling meetings, weddings and editing, to having my entire work life completely wiped out.

Now that’s not to say there weren’t some positives to come out of the year too, I managed to actually take a step back and learn to relax a bit more (at times almost too much, I found myself sprawled on a sun lounger in the garden most days, with my tan lines being my only worry, after all the wedding rearranging). However, of course there were times I questioned if I was in the right line of work, admittedly I did look in to other options but I could never imagine doing anything else that would fill me with such joy and spark the passion inside of me like my photography does. So, I decided to hold out for the world to reopen.

Things seem to be finally getting back on track, weddings will resume for myself from July and I cannot freaking wait!! I wanted to come back with a bang; new website, new images and a whole new lease of life and that is exactly what I am doing. I am so ready and raring to go again and I really hope you all love my new site, made by the ever so talented and lovely Steff.

Which brings me on to this gorgeous set of images that I am so happy to share with you. As creatives you just want to go out, have some fun and create beautiful imagery and I was lucky enough to work alongside The Style Shooters for a fun packed Friday evening in Blackpool for golden hour. I mean how incredible do our real life couple/models look in these images! Sophie rocked her beautiful gown from Lulu Browns Bridal all down the runway..I mean pier!

I really hope you love these images because we had so much fun creating them!